NEXUS Arab Future Summit 2020

Desert Adventure 

Q4 2020


Dreaming of a new Arab narrative? A place where war is not the first word one thinks of? A place where equal education, empowerment, sustainable living is the norm? A place where art, culture and gender equality is not only practiced but celebrated? Through NEXUS Arab Future Summit 2020 we can all help make those dreams come true. It's time for Arabs to participate in leading innovation, creativity and prosperity. Again, it's time!

Spectacular Setting

Get inspired, get creative and flourish when you join our amazing NEXUS community of Impact investors, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs in a spectacular venue. La Badira is an Adults Only Hotel, built on a piece of a heavenly earth.


Mind-blowing Topics

Our theme this year is investing in a new narrative, because we believe that through investing our time, money and other resources we can come up with a new narrative that will help MENA thrive and better interact with the rest of the world. Our working group and lab leaders who represent NEXUS members most common passions, have been actively working on curating mind-blowing plenaries and breakout sessions on a variety of different tracks in full alignment with the Summit theme. A detailed agenda of the Summit including all topics and speakers will be announced at a later stage.

Impact Investing

Join a community of NextGen investors where focusing on market return rates with empathy, inspiration and creativity is highly encouraged.

Education & Entrepreneurship

Let us spark collaborations to innovate new approaches that embrace cultural diversity, increases education equity and promotes a culture of peace global citizenship. 

Energy Innovation & Environment

Collaborate and Engage with other NEXUS members to create solutions that will help stabilize the climate and ecological crisis. 

Equal Justice

Uplift the most effective models for
transforming systems toward equal justice by working deeply with partners who live these issues and lead their own transformation

Film, Media & Story

Let's generate tangible impact in the entertainment industry by creating meaningful opportunities for emerging partnership and shaping mainstream conversations around pressing social and human issues.

Family Prosperity
share knowledge, build relationships and create experiences on best practices for family business, philanthropy & family office, that enhance family prosperity.

Impact Projects

Co-create amazing projects of impact with fellow NEXUS members and drive the change you wish to see in the world.

This video is for the Tallest Closet Project that NEXUS members collaborated to bring to the 2018 NEXUS Arab Future Summit in Cairo. Nearly 10,000 pieces of clothing were collected and distributed to well know clothing organizations.

Over the course of three months NEXUS members engaged university students, a shopping mall, and the local community to deliver this impactful project.

"Nexus was a great opportunity for me to meet the change makers of today."

Zeina Tawakol

Desert Adventure

March 23th and 26th 
Discover the Star Wars in the desert in Tozeur. Prepare to ride the desert dunes in 4X4 cars 
Sleep in tents under the stars.
Sing, dance and celebrate together around glamp fire.

Cultural Dinners

Connect the past with the present, when you taste a local cuisine in an authentic atmosphere of cultural celebrations. Intimate conversations at those dinners are the highlights of our Summits.

" Nexus was unique. I believe success is reliant on working together, bringing change makers into the spotlight and encouraging networking."

Sarah el Battouty

Airport Drive

Arrive to Tunisia to learn, connect and grow, but leave the logistics to us. We will provide Airport pickups and Drop offs for Elite Plus and Elite ticket holders.

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