Breakin’ (Breakdancing, Bboying) is a unique art form combining elements of dance, sport, and urban culture in the spirit of today’s youth. It is relevant. Its message of self-expression and empowerment is compelling by nature and teaches youth invaluable life lessons about teamwork, community and creativity through practice, history and respect.

Tunisia is a melting pot of many cultures and identities that celebrates and embraces their diversity by uniting together through the power of Hip Hop. Over the past decade, Tunisia’s youth has been harnessing Breakin’ as a tool for creative expression and self-empowerment. Despite having built a thriving community of dancers, Breakin’ has lost its momentum because the older generations have moved away due to the lack of opportunities to teach and engage the newer generation.

BEAT proposals aim to seed and catalyze a self-sustaining BEAT Breakers program with the ultimate goal of having a Breakdance Team represent Tunisia at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Meet: “ Tallest Closet 2.0”

  • One month-long “Coming-Soon” interactive clothing collection point to tease and engage. Items collected will be used in the actual installation.

  • On-site staff from the recipient of clothing donations to spread the impact that these donations will have.

  • Multiple social-optimized video content strategically designed and created by the uniquely talented Adam Frimer to highlight the various stakeholders, their impact and the launch.

  • Full integration with sponsorship partners to maximize momentum and awareness.

  • A superior multimedia experience complete with Lighting, Dynamic Displays, and Educational Banners.

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