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Between 1997 and 2003, Olfa had a stellar career in the City of London as an analyst on the European derivatives desk at Deutsche Bank. She left banking in 2003 to care for her first of five children.

In 2011 Olfa founded the Rambourg Foundation that aims to empower young Tunisians through a common thread: Give back to them their inalienable right to access education, art and culture. She is deeply convinced that enlightened and educated people, inspired by the spirit of creation and innovation, will lead Tunisia to greater prosperity and development.

Olfa sits on the London and Paris Committees of Human Rights Watch.  As part of her engrained commitment to the organization, she is a Council Ambassador for Tunisia and has been financing the country office, through her Foundation, since 2011.

Olfa as a Member of the Tunisian Parliament maintains an ardent commitment to her fellow Tunisians in completing the transition from a perfidious dictatorship to a free democratic country.

Amanda Moslé Friedman

Peace, Power, Prosperity

Amanda is a London-based advisor and connector with significant experience in high-level relationship management across different cultures, and including both the private and public sectors. Collaborating on teams co-creating and working for the greater good has been a lifelong passion. Today she is honoured to serve on the NEXUS Steering Committee (Africa & Europe), and as a Global Ambassador for The Same Sky Foundation.

Amanda is excited about her work on the team of an innovative new company in the new nuclear energy space, IP3 International (peace, power, prosperity), in the capacity of investor and government relations. In August 2021 IP3 announced its partnership with Minard Capital to form the world’s first nuclear energy infrastructure fund - with a strong focus on ESG.

Her time on the Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle Global Steering Committee, London Chapter (2013-16) served to nurture her passion for Africa. In 2015 she co-founded the private dinner series “Thought Leaders and Connectors in African Business.” In 2018 she had the privilege of spending a year based in Kigali, Rwanda as Special Advisor in Investment Promotion for the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).
Kenza traversed the world, working for Vogue, Elle, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Harper’s Bazaar and walked the runway for the likes of Armani, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior and Chanel among many others. She appeared in advertisings for Dior, H&M, Etam, Chanel, Benetton to name a few.

During the 2011 revolution in Tunisia that sparked the Arab Spring, she became an outspoken figure against the fallen regime and joined Human Rights Watch as an ambassador.

Kenza penned interviews for Vogue Italia’s “Women of Integrity” portrait series that also resulted in a photo exhibit at NYFW in 2014. Her writings have also been published in Vogue Arabia and Impression Magazine.

In August 2018, she co-founded O S A Y the Label, a brand specializing in “La Babouche” loafers and other essentials handmade by Tunisian artisans. O S A Y- Our Stories Are yours is on a mission to promote sustainability and the cultural heritage, preserve the craftsmanship and foster the creative expression of artisans.
Many Ameri is the co-founder of Yadastar - an independent consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in building creative communities around the globe.

His partner Torsten Schmidt and Many are best known for developing the Red Bull Music Academy - a cultural institution committed to fostering creativity in music. Founded in 1998 they have grown the Academy into a worldwide culture program with workshops, festivals, studio sessions and events in more than 60 countries. Leaving behind creative hubs, cultural centres, studio spaces, galleries and sustainable local programs often developed with city councils and leading institutions.

These real-life projects were complemented by signature channels for in-depth music journalism including a 24/7 radio station, a long-form editorial hub, podcasts, print publications, books and films.

Nizam is Chief Strategy Officer of algbra, a technology-based financial ecosystem dedicated to global financial inclusion by focusing on the underserved and underbanked. Nizam was previously the Senior Head of Mosaic and Community Integration at The Prince’s Trust, where he oversaw the organisation's community cohesion and social integration activities and led Mosaic, an independent Initiative founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to uplift diverse communities across the UK's highest areas of deprivation.

Nizam has a strong interest and background in overcoming the societal and economic challenges that prevent disenfranchised and minority communities from fulfilling their potential. He is a 2019 Greenberg World Fellow at Yale University and a 2019 US State Department International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) participant.

Nizam is currently a Trustee of SOAS, University of London, a Trustee of the Aspen Institute UK and a member of the Mayor of London’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group. He holds an MA in Public Policy from King’s College London and was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s 2020 Birthday Honours list for services to social mobility and community integration.

Rosario is Co-Founder of both the Global Movement League of Intrapreneurs and The Finance, Mindfulness and Technology Lab, as well as Founder of the One4One Accelerator and the Fourth Dimensional Quotient programs. 

She’s an Adjunct Professor at American University and acts as an advisor to organizations like Imperative Fund, ProjectX Global, Foundation for Commercializing Innovation, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and CNS Global Advisors. 

Rosario has worked with corporations like Accenture, Citibank, IDB Group, and ITI to help them prepare their workforce for the digital economy. She’s also BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders, a World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow and an Entovation Fellow.
Francisco worked as an asset management consultant at PWC in Vienna. In 2015, Francisco joined the investment team at Earl Capital an independent asset manager to HNWI, families and related Trusts. He and his team were responsible for managing more than USD 500 Mn in client assets.

Francisco founded Asymmetrica Investments Ltd (Advisory Company in Switzerland) and AVO Oro Verde AG (Investment Vehicle in Liechtenstein) with the objective to provide capital to regions where capital is scarce (e.g. Mexico, South America, and Africa) and create wealth by making private markets more efficient.

Francisco and his team have created the first investment Vehicle that is specialized in sustainable avocado orchards worldwide, their target is to bring USD 150 MN of investment into Avocado growing regions over the next 5 years.

Soraya Hosni is an anthropologist and serial entrepreneur. Her polyglotism combined with a journey from Parisian suburbs, to remote pacific islands or conflict zones allows a unique societal understanding that she brings into the most innovative problem-solving. After an active executive and academic career, she decided to repatriate to Tunisia and work from within to preserve culture and advance impact in Business.

Her latest ventures include The New Medina, an initiative to build heritage centred models for urban development, starting with her ancestral home and the UNESCO World Heritage Medina of Sousse in Tunisia. She proudly serves as the Nexus Tunisia Ambassador.  

Joséphine specializes in visual storytelling, helping teams and individuals get clarity on a topic. Her position at onepoint has led her to work with companies such as Google, Chanel, L'Oréal, the French Ministry of Justice, the National Opéra of Paris and Renault, to design meaningful stories and spread their vision through impactful visuals.

Her interest in global cultures, spirituality and craftsmanship led her to conduct an art residency in Beirut, where she invited locals to share their stories through art sessions. The residency resulted in an art exhibition of the community's artwork, as well as her own work, around the theme of "open doors". A metaphor for opening oneself to truth, love and purpose.

Her latest work bridges personal growth and design with "guided conversations", an innovative tool to help people identify their passions.

A believer in the potential of social entrepreneurship to shift mindsets and capabilities of both entrepreneurs and communities, Ali has dedicated his early career to strategy, research, and supporting youth-led ventures. 

Ali founded the Beirut Art Salon, a social enterprise that offers a creative space for emerging artists to display, teach, and speak through art, inviting them to cross-pollinate and forge partnerships together. 

During his time as a student, Ali led over 650 students by serving on seven club cabinets and was elected into the highest house of student government. Upon graduation, Ali was awarded the Penrose Award, the most prestigious of awards on campus.

Khaled is a full-time advocate of sustainability & efficiency. Over the past 11 years, he has been profoundly involved in the fields of energy, investment promotion & social development in Jordan & MENA.

Currently pursuing further his social development work & passion at Naua (naua.org) - a social giving platform and its volunteering platform Nahno (nahno.org) - the national platform for volunteering and youth engagement in partnership with UNICEF in Jordan.

Khaled holds a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, Canada (2007) & a Master’s Degree in e-Business Management from the University of Salento, Italy (2009).

Menna Amr

Menna has a background in journalism, translation, and digital art management for local and international companies and NGOs. 

Menna turned to social entrepreneurship and the use of arts and multicultural exchange as tools for education, dialogue and civic engagement in Egypt - as real drivers of social change. 

Today, Menna is the Director of Programs for the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation, it's project FUNTASIA and is the Board Secretary for Funtasia Education and Development.

Mohammad Asfour

As a green global citizen; Mohammad, served as the Regional Head for the WorldGBC's MENA & Africa Network. He was also a board member and chaired Jordan Green Building Council. He served as a Senior Adviser at the USAID Energy Sector Capacity Building Program and as the Environment, Water and Energy Sector Lead at the USAID Jordan Economic Development Program. Mohammad, was appointed as an adviser to the Board of Trustees at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology, founded the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship and worked on developing the concept behind El Hassan Science City. He also worked at the Jordan Investment Board and served as a consultant for the UNDP, UNIDO, and USAID 's AMIR Program. He was appointed as a regional advisor to OECD' s MENA Investment Program, chaired UNEP - SBCI's Advocacy Committee and is currently the Chair of WADI NGO and a board member at the Jordan Trail Association.

He also co-founded Ahel Al Balad, which is a non-political grassroots movement that aims at spreading positivity in the
community through volunteering.

Mohammad received his BA in Business from the University of Jordan and his Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy from the IE Business School in Madrid and has continuously maintained a presence in the business world through a fourth-generation diversified family business.

Louisa Mammeri

Louisa is building a network of responsible leaders in Western Asia and Northern Africa at the BMW Foundation. She does so by creating experiences and a platform to inspire leaders to work towards the UN 2030 Agenda. Encounters in which individuals from different backgrounds can come together to work towards a peaceful, just and sustainable future in the region is truly her passion.

As a regular “returnee” to the region, she currently inquires three family histories of migration from Algeria, Turkey and Lebanon, including her own, in an emerging documentary film project.

Valerie Marouche

Valerie is building a network of responsible leaders across Europe at the BMW Foundation. Bridging sectors and cultures, she aims to open up spaces of inspiration, connection and belonging that encourage humans to find genuine ways of collaborating towards a more just and sustainable future. Throughout this work, she is guided by a belief in the powerful serendipity that can emerge when lives and minds intersect openly.

Inspired by such intersections herself, she currently inquires into three family histories of migration from Algeria, Lebanon and Turkey, including her own, in a documentary film project.